Site-wide HVAC Protection For London HQ Of Pharmaceutical Company

GSK_Casestudy-imageThe London HQ of a global pharmaceutical and healthcare company occupies a landmark site immediately adjacent to one of the busiest stretches of motorway in the UK, passed by over 40,000 vehicles every day.
The Problem
Proximity to this extremely busy section of elevated motorway, combined with typical urban airborne debris (litter, carrier bags) and tree / other contaminants (pollen, leaves, insects) presents an enormous challenge to the site maintenance team when it comes to protecting the site’s wide array of HVAC equipment from clogged coils, filters etc. .
The Solution
Working closely with the site M&E provider, ECEX demonstrated the significant reductions in maintenance time, filter replacement intervals and energy consumption that can be achieved by installing ECEX Air Intake Screens to all AHU’s throughout the site.
Air Intake Screens can be quickly installed to most HVAC plant as each one is individually made-to-measure for their respective application. With a long product warranty, these highly durable external filters can be cleaned using a soft brush, hose or vacuum, which significantly reduces maintenance time and cleaning requirements while protecting the plant from internal clogging of coils and filters.
The site Project Manager commented:  “we’ve suffered many problems here due to debris getting into air intakes, condensers coils and cleaning this plant was costing a lot of time and money; also clogged-up plant has to work harder and so it uses more energy.  The installation of ECEX Air Intake Screens across all the main plant here will measurably reduce our cleaning PPM’s, associated costs, and of course our energy usage”.
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