The Benefits Of AHU Refurb And Repair




As HVAC equipment ages, it costs more and more to run and is increasingly likely to break down, which will have a huge impact on the occupants of the building it serves. On top of this, as time passes technological improvements lead to greater efficiency, lower costs and better overall performance – all of which you will miss out on if you fail to upgrade your HVAC equipment.

Conventional wisdom dictates that air handling units (AHUs) should be replaced every 10 to 15 years, depending on use and maintenance over that time. There is, however, a better way to proceed – repair, refurbishment and/or upgrade. If it is supplemented by good maintenance practice, this is a viable alternative to replacement which can minimise costs and maximise efficiency.

Indeed, refurbishing AHUs makes solid business sense for a whole host of reasons. For example, it minimises costs and disruption as well as offering the opportunity to improve the existing specification of HVAC equipment and boost its environmental performance.

And, of course, although fitting a replacement AHU might, on the face of it, seem the right option, you will still be constrained by the rest of the HVAC system (including maximum air volume capacity and existing duct sizes). Changing capacities might therefore entail the expensive modification of services and steel work to handle a new unit.

Furthermore, a crane might be required to remove an old unit and place a new one, and disposal costs of the old unit could run into thousands of pounds. And then there are the costs associated with commissioning a new unit to consider.

With refurbishment costs around 35-50% of the cost of new equipment, repair, maintenance and overhaul is a cost-effective alternative to replacement. If necessary, work can be scheduled to take place overnight or at weekends to minimise disturbance to the operation, inconvenience to employees, or costly downtime.

The refurbishment can be anything from simply re-sealing condensate pans, chamber floors and other surfaces to replacement of controls, or a complete overhaul. Even in the latter case, refurbishment is typically faster than replacement.

And, in the process of refurbishment, the existing specification of the AHU can be improved with, for example, the installation of the latest electronically commutated energy saving fans or boosting filter performance.

Many AHU components can be removed and replaced including fans, filters, heaters and cooling coils, dampers and burners. But whatever your AHU needs, it pays to consider them in association with a reliable, knowledgeable partner with an established track record.

ECEX offers a comprehensive AHU refurbishment and repair service, helping businesses keep essential equipment operational, improving energy efficiency and preventing breakdown with minimal impact to day-to-day operations.

The AHU refurbishment and repair service offers many benefits, including a big improvement in energy efficiency; the prevention of breakdowns; less disruption to the operation, and – as a result – a stronger bottom line.

Our extensive services also include on and off-site repairs of all tube and fin heat exchangers, and the manufacture of coils to existing patterns or bespoke new designs. These services complement the company’s comprehensive design service for coils as well as on and off site maintenance and cleaning.

We also offer coil filtering in the form of ECEX Air Intake Screens, which extends the life and increases the reliability of coils. Condenser and evaporator coils are normally left unfiltered, leading to a build-up of seasonal debris such as leaves and pollen.

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