Thinking Outside Of The Box With ECEX Air Intake Screens: Saving Money In The Heart Of London’s Baker Street.


The objective of an ECEX Air Intake Screen is a simple one: Reduce plant maintenance time by preventing airborne debris with a product that is easy-to-clean. This maximises the efficiency of the unit by maintaining optimum airflow. But what happens when the fresh air intake is inaccessible?

ECEX Air Intake Screens are the perfect long-lasting external filtration for use on air handling units, chillers, condensers and cooling towers; easily retro-fitted and made-to-measure, whatever the application. Having fitted them all over the UK, we’ve worked on a wide range of makes, models and configurations. However, this building, situated on the world famous Baker Street, home of  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, presented an unusual challenge. All of the building’s fresh air intakes are situated at high level on the side of the building, inaccessible for regular and routine maintenance. 

Take a look at the photo gallery below. Our ductwork team created a slide-in panel within which our heavy duty Air Intake Screen sits, providing the perfect protection from airborne debris. Easily accessible for cleaning, this screen has a product warranty of 10 years and an expected lifespan of up to twice that. A sound investment when you consider that filter life has been extended by up to 60% in some areas and maintenance time significantly reduced.