Drink Spillage Prevention: Twickenham Stadium


To prevent drink spillages from the mid-tier balcony, protecting to the newly installed LED screens and associated cables between the rear of the screen and the mid-tier wall. The solution must still allow the LED installation team to gain access to the control panels as required.

Work carried out:

ECEX designed, fabricated and installed an aluminium cover which was fixed to the parapet wall. This not only protects the LED screens and cables, but also allows spectators to place their drinks on the mid-tier wall without the risk of accidentally knocking them into the stand below. Over the course of 14 days ECEX fabricated and installed the bespoke covers, working with the RFU and LED installation team to meet their requirements and overcome any problems that arose throughout to ensure the deadline (the first RBS 6 Nations match) was met.

“The RFU commissioned ECEX to design and install a bespoke cover for the mid-tier LED boards at Twickenham Stadium. The brief was to provide protection for the LED system and at the same time prevent drinks from being spilled onto the LED boards and the level below.

ECEX came up with a suitable solution which was functional, cost effective and aesthetically complemented the LED boards. They installed the cover in a timely and professional manner and to the agreed budget.”

RFU Head of Technical & Facilities