Two-pronged Autumn Attack On Debris!

photo credit-Eric Kilby

Forget about the spring clean; it’s all about the autumn AHU overhaul. Autumn days, beautiful colours, blustery winds spreading leaves far and wide, all adds-up to an HVAC nightmare! It’s time for your organisation to book an annual ‘tune up’ for your plant equipment and consider the measures that can be employed to keep it in tip top condition.

Leaves and other airborne debris are a HVAC systems worst enemy, clogging filters causing all sorts of problems with regards to the systems efficiency, need for maintenance and costly breakdowns.

But this need not be the case; autumn can be tackled in a two-pronged attack!
• Introduce a valuable predictive maintenance plan – the most cost effective approach in terms of limiting breakdown and reducing energy consumption. Schedules should be based on the actual equipment and the environment in which they operate.
• Include infrastructure investments such as ECEX Air Intake Screens! This simple, but clever, technology will help coils remain unsoiled for longer, requiring less frequent changes for internal filters. The screens can actually increase the life of filters by up to 60 per cent, as well as earning their keep by improving energy efficiency and reducing time and maintenance costs.

During a recent install at Westminster City Hall, London, ECEX Air Intake Screens were fitted to two AHUs, with one unit alone clocking-up the following impressive results:

• Energy saving – 4.9 per cent reduction in power consumed
• CO2 emissions – savings of 296.33kg, the two trial AHUs clocked up savings of 438Kg
• ECEX Air Intake Screens payback – 13 months on energy alone
• Maintenance reduction – filter need replacing less often, further reducing costs and potentially pushing the ROI of ECEX Air Intake Screen installation to less than four months!

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