UK Falls Short On Energy Management

iStock_000008631059XXXLargeAccording to new research carried out by Vickers energy Group, due to poor energy management, industry in Britain is set to waste a shocking half a billion pounds over the winter months as it emits 7.4 million tonnes of unnecessary CO2.

As a result of the research, British businesses are being urged to make “immediate operational changes to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary carbon emissions”; the resulting savings could be enough to fund 18, 868 jobs, power 866,551 homes for a year, or cover the cost of building a new hospital!

A representative from Vickers, went on to add: “UK industry could save itself £1.2bn pounds every year if only it addressed the issue and reduced its carbon emissions.”

The results of the research show that heating within commercial and industrial buildings, in particular, is not being managed in the correct way. Yet heating and cooling is one of the largest operating costs of total energy consumption in nearly all buildings and should be top of the list for premises managers, who should be looking to find cost and energy savings wherever possible.

Cutting carbon emissions could be made easier if FMs were to implement upgrades and retrofits of HVAC and refrigeration equipment. However, where budgets are tight there are still measures that can be undertaken to improve the efficiency and life span of these systems.

The innovative ECEX Air Intake Screen, for example, works to improve HVAC system efficiency, cut down on maintenance and reduce the risk of operational downtime. The screens are designed to prevent airborne debris before it can enter HVAC systems and cause damage to coils or internal filters. Lasting up to 15 years, ECEX Air Intake Screens provide a first-line of defence for air intake systems, such as Air Handling Units and Cooling Towers.

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