Air Intake Screen Installation: Major UK Laboratory


To reduce the strain and risk of breakdown of new Geoclima chiller units within the plant area caused by insects and feathers clogging coils.

Work carried out:

ECEX Air Intake Screens were installed to all four sides of the unit from top to bottom, preventing any insects and particles from being drawn into the system. The Air Intake Screens were altered on site to suit existing pipework and ensure minimal amounts of debris could pass through unfiltered. By moving the debris to an easy-to-manage location the unit was much easier to clean. As such, the risk of breakdown was significantly reduced through the achievement of greater airflow efficiency.

“Air Intake Screens were introduced and fitted in July 2013 on one of the chillers in the plant room as a trial. Works were carried out by ECEX operatives in professional manner in all aspects. The debris was filtered out by the screens before reaching the coils; this has proven its biggest advantage. They are easy to clean and manage – our on-site maintenance engineers could easily brush the debris off. This installation has reduced service engineers’ time and therefore our cost and improved overall efficiency. We are looking to have more installations in the upcoming year.”
Project Manager