What’s More Important, Price Or Value?


In a competitive business world, it is important to consider what sets you apart from your competitors. For long-term business relationships, the cheapest product or service can often be counter-productive, usually coming at the expense of quality and value. But what is the different between price and value, and how does it impact you as the customer?

To put it simply, PRICE is what you are asked to pay for the provision of a product or service,  VALUE is what you get when you receive it. 

At ECEX, quality and value-for-money are the driving force being what we do. It allows us to deliver the following:

When going out to sub-contractors for extra works, ask yourself, “What am I really looking for?”. Is the cheapest contractor on the market worth the risk and cost that it’ll take to rectify the mistakes made?

We pride ourselves in being experts in our field. To find out why, contact us for a free of charge survey and we’ll show you.